$ 15.00


Deluxe newly remastered 2-CD version of classic Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album, complete with rare and unreleased bonus tracks, new liner notes and rare photos. Re-released on Majordomo Records.


Disc one of Acme + Acme-Plus contains the original 13-track version of Acme, and adds an additional eight rarities. Disc two contains the 19-track promo-only Xtra-Acme USA and adds three bonus tracks.

1 Calvin
2 Magical Colors
3 Do You Wanna Get Heavy?
4 High Gear
5 Talk About The Blues
6 I Wanna Make It All Right
7 Lovin' Machine
8 Bernie
9 Blue Green Olga
10 Give Me A Chance
11 Desperate
12 Torture
13 Attack
14 Right Place, Wrong Time
15 The Black Godfather
16 New Year (Destroyer)
17 Confused (Sansano)
18 Hell (Benzel-Waters)
19 Bacon (Techno Animal)
20 Lap Dance (Thirlwell)
21 Blues Power

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